what old people did to the well being of society

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Our family used to live in a very simple life and they were so happy with it they used to know every single person in our neighborhood and whenever they make food or anything they send them food and gift and that was one of the most important stuff to how treat they’re neighborhood. Old days was never the same like now families were closer because in old days it wasn’t okay to go out with friends daily like nowadays they used to hangout only with they’re family and spend time with they’re family. Ana my mom said even when she goes to her friend house her mom was so strict her parents should know her friends parents first and stay only for few hours my mom and dad parents were so strict old days but they were happy and having fun and they don’t mind

Research Project Guidelines

This semester, the course is planned to engage the students in a real-life research-based activity that concerns them personally. The students will plan their research activity, including surveys to get deeper insights into the culture of their parents, grandparents and ancestors. They will talk about the history of civic engagement and its different forms. They will talk about the mainstream traditions that aimed to help others and contribute to the wellness of the community. They will interview the elderly members of their families and collect real-life stories and instances of civic engagement. The following question: “How did your parents/ grandparents/ ancestors contribute to civic engagement?” will initiate such a project.

The purpose of this project is to raise students’ awareness of the activities that have happened throughout the time but have been in a way overlooked, forgotten or passed by unnoticed. This activity will highlight the fact that our parents and ancestors have been civically engaged citizens. After collecting the pertaining information, the students will categorize their stories into either family type, religious, educational or social. In addition, they will find a theoretical ethical foundation for each one of them.

This research-based activity will serve as a capstone of the course, as it requires a review of the previously covered material.

Based on this write ( introduction,


a. Identify the participants and the era during which the stories took place

b. Mention at least two stories

c. Identify the ethical/ moral lesson in each story (you may refer them to the Prophet and his companions) ,

Goal and aim, methodology, mention two stories, interview, and conclusion)

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