write a 1 050 to 1 400 word paper explaining the needs of special offenders answer the following questions

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Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper explaining the needs of special offenders. Answer the following questions:

  • How do special needs, mentally ill, and substance-abusing prisoners affect the jail and prison systems at state and federal levels?
  • What would happen if these prisoners were not cared for properly?
  • Select a prison special offender population and research a specific program aimed to assist or care for that specific population
  • What are the characteristics of the program? How has the program affected the special offender population in that prison?

NOTE pertaining to ‘specific programs’: The Federal Bureau of Prisons RDAP [Residential Drug Abuse Program] program, the Federal Bureau of Prison MINT [Mothers and Infants Nurturing Together] program, and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Gold Coat program are examples of specific programs. You may research any of these programs or any similar program. If you have questions, please consult me.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Cite at least 2 valid/authorized academic sources (the text should be used and cited – this counts as one of the 2 required sources).

Submit your paper.


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