i need someone to help me put together a research paper for my human resources class the paragraphs are already typed out but now they need to flow together according to the paper guidelines

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I will attach the guidelines required for this research paper here.


The purpose of this project is to provide the student with the opportunity to research, investigate, and report on a human resources topic of interestin the hospitality industry both locally and nationally.

More specifically, how the role of social/societal, cultural, political, legal, ethical, economic and technological factors affect their topic matter.

Research Paper:

The goal of this paper is that the group will collectively explore the nature of the HR subject and identify its significance to the organization.

The project must cover how the role of social/societal, cultural, political, legal, ethical, economic and technological factors affect how human resources management is practiced in hospitality organizations.

Each group will research this topic as it relates to the USA.

Select a minimum of ten (10) publications you will be using to write the report. You may NOT use any textbooks as any of your resource material. A minimum of ten (5) of the ten(10) publications must be journal articles.

All publications should be dated after January, 2016

Proper citation throughout the paper is required.

Wikipedia, Google.com, Ask.com, etc., will not be accepted as required references. Citations from various web pages or sections within a same site are considered only one reference.

Excluding the cover page, table of contents and reference pages, the minimum length for the

main body of contents must be at least 3,000 words using Times Roman with a font size 12.

Papers submitted that are less than 2,000 words will receive zero credit.

You cannot use papers, projects or assignments that have been submitted in other classes for this class. You may use the information or sources gathered from other classes, but you must write a new paper for this class.

Papers may not use more than 20% cited material to be accepted for evaluation. Papers using

more than 20% cited material will lose 2 points from the final paper grade for each 1% of cited

material over the 20% allowed. Papers using material not cited or use more than 25% cited

material, may receive a zero grade for the paper.

Paper must be written according to APA style (go to purdue.edu for the online writing lab [OWL] for information on APA format or seek advice from FIU writing labs). The paper should be written in the third person perspective.

Any student that does not fully participate/cooperate in the creation of their group’s paper according to the paper guidelines will receive a Zero for the research assignment. All students in the group are expected to distribute and complete the work equally.

All students will receive the same final paper grade as all other students in their group except as stated in the previous bullet point above.

The research paper should be seamless and not appear pieced together with no flow. In other

words, all sections worked on should comply with APA guidelines and build upon the previous


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