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Write a proposal to a bank that must address a real, concrete problem, and must be able to reasonably explain how to implement the proposal.

A good proposal will identify a problem, offer a solution, explain in detail how that solution will be implemented, identify personnel, and present a budget. Note that your proposal may involve changing policies or procedures, purchasing a product or, especially if the problem you identify is a large one, conducting research.

Your ultimate aim is to convince someone in power that the problem you identify is significant and and that he or she should accept your proposal.

The proposal must be extremely detailed. If, for example, part of your proposal indicates that you will gather data, you must indicate who will gather it, how (exactly) they will gather it, and how long it will take. If the proposal only says that you will conduct a survey, it won’t demonstrate that you’ve done the thinking necessary to get the job done.


1.ï‚·Provide a title page. This page should include the title of the proposal, your

name, the name of the person or funding organization to whom you are directing

the proposal, and the date.


2.Your proposal must include the following sections: an Overview, A Problem

Section, a Plan Section, a Personnel Section, a Cost Section and a Timeline.


3.Address the report to the specific decision maker who can grant your proposal.

4.Use headings and formatting cues to reveal organization and make information

easily accessible to the reader.


5.Provide graphics, if appropriate, give your audience and purpose.


6.upload pdf of any sources you consult during the preparation of your Proposal, and also be sure to properly

cite information you include in the Proposal.

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