dnssec system

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Question 1.

You are employed by an e-commerce company as an assistant to the chief security officer. Your company has received a number of recent complaints from customers who have ordered products but have not received them. In addition, many of these customers have reported being victims of identity theft. Your company legal department has recommended that all departments study their practices to ensure that they are taking reasonable measures to prevent identity theft. The chief security officer believes that DNS cache poisoning attacks may be responsible for traffic being redirected from your company’s Web site to impostor web sites where customer information is then collected and misused.

You have been asked to prepare a 1-2-page report that explains how DSN cache poisoning attacks work and how the DNSSEC system can help to prevent these attacks

Question 2.

Choose one of the following two topics and draft a 2-3 paragraph initial post. Include necessary references or any relevant personal experiences you may have that support your response.

  1. Research one known possible vulnerability for one encryption standard. Discuss how you found this, e.g., work related incident, research, etc. One example is Heartbleed.
  2. Research one type of wireless access point and bridge equipment available. Provide some pricing options from different manufacturers. Research the security of this device. How many have vulnerabilities, if any, are found in a CVE database?

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