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The student must visit a health-food store, diet supplement store, or juice bar and review the supplements marketed toward enhancing fitness or performance ( an ergogenic aid or prospect). The student will select a nutritional product of interest and locate a product label, nutrition fact sheet, or advertisement describing the product. The advertisement or label must include some kind of list of the product’s contents (e.g., nutrition label) and it, a picture or a photocopy must be turned in with the project. Choose ONE nutrient from the nutrition fact sheet and follow the exact headings shown here. 1) Introduction: This section will describe the visit, the product, introduction about the specific nutrient you chose, and the claims of the manufacturer (may be inferred). 2) Survey of the Scientific Literature: This will be a summary of science that find by reviewing the available literature in peer-reviewed journals that is related to that nutrient. This section must include reference to at least one peer-reviewed journal article (e.g., Int J of Sport Nutrition, Med and Sci Sports and Exercise, etc.). 3) Does the Evidence support and/or Contradict the Claims? This section will be your own description of how the previously cited literature provides evidence to support and/or contradict the product claims regarding that nutrient. You should consider the strength of the science that you reviewed in drawing your conclusions. 4) List of References: This section will include the scientific references that you used in the project. The format is unimportant, but you must include the authors, journal, volume, pages, and year. The project must be typewritten/computer generated and double-spaced with four distinct section headings for each of the above described sections. One-inch margins and approximately 12 pt font are required. The project must be at least 2 pages in length and should not exceed 3 pages in all. 

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