make a brief summary

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All what you have to do is to make a brief summary of the following swot analysis in one paragraph:

Facebook, Inc

  1. Strengths
  • Original Social Site: Facebook has been around longer than other well-known social sites.
  • Business tools: offers useful professional utentials for users who use this site for business related communications.
  • Networking/Connecting: easy to get intouch with friends, family, and business associates.
  • Streaming services: Facebook offers Facebook Watch a streaming service for vidoes, Facebook original shows, games, etc for free.
  1. Weaknesses
  • Lack of security: Facebook has experieced a number of security breaches that has cost the business money and user loyalty.
  • Lack of use by various demographics: people don’t view Facebook as their “go to” website for social activity, espeically social media users.
  • Unappealing Website Asthetic: the layout of both the desktop website and the mobile app is not up to date with modern media trends.
  1. Opputunities
  • Match or surpass popular websites
  • Buy/own more social platforms
  • Remodel entire website + mobile apps
  • Expand streaming services and add content competing with other companies
  1. Threats
  • Emerging social sites: the upcoming websites taking over mainstream audiences will push further attention away from Facebook.
  • Further loss in revenues, net worth, support, etc resulting in a shutdown.

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