unit 7 discussions

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Discussion 1

Effective Stress Management

Workplace health and well-being are increasingly of interest to organizations. I/O psychologists are finding innovative ways to research constructs in health and well-being as well as evaluate programs (Sinclair, Wang, & Tetrick, 2013). Review the scholarly literature to find current trends in research related to workplace stress and worker well-being. For this discussion, describe one of these trends and its effects on organizations and workers. Include the following in your description:

  • A summary of the trend.
  • Your view of this trend as a positive or negative in the body of research on workplace stress management.

Sinclair, R. R., Wang, M., Tetrick, L. E. (2013). Research methods in occupational health psychology. New York, NY: Routledge.

Discussion 2

Multicultural Leadership

Cultural diversity in organizations has increased in the 21st century, both domestically and through the expansion of organizations internationally. For your initial discussion post, complete the following:

  • In your Work in the 21st Century text, read Chapter 8, “Cross-Cultural Issues in Motivation in Chapter 8, page 324, and Chapter 12, “Cross-Cultural Studies of Leadership,” page 477.
  • Describe the leadership approach you consider best to lead and motivate a diverse workforce and provide support for your choice.
  • Why do you feel this was the best approach?

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