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In your previous projects for this class, you were writing to audiences who were, at some level, people with power and expertise.Your academic audience consisted of people with significant authority and knowledge as members of the academic community, and your letter was addressed to a person in a position to bring about change, thus a person with authority and expertise, if not in your field, in another field.

The civic discourse project is written to address an audience that does not have that level of authority and expertise.These are “ordinary” people who are affected by your topic – people who have a family member struggling or who are worried about their own personal situation, people who have concerns about their neighborhood or state or country.Your goal is to help those people find a way to understand and start on a path that would solve these concerns.

You will be doing the first out of the two prompts.

The first one must be addressed to a public, non-expert audience who you think would be likely to agree with your position on the topic, and it must encourage that audience to take a specific action.

Keep in mind that addressing a text to a public audience does not mean addressing it to what is sometimes called a “general” audience.There is no such thing as a general audience.Instead, you will need to think carefully about the personal characteristics of your audience: their age, education level, socio-economic level, political and religious and cultural affiliations, gender and ethnic and sexual identification, their profession, their physical locations – all these and potentially other characteristics are important to bear in mind in order to write persuasive piece of civic discourse.

Trifold brochures have specific genre expectations of their own, including the ways in which they use images, evidence, language, and visual presentation.Be sure to view the Zoom lecture on civic discourse and to review the sample and criteria of evaluation for this assignment.

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