a case study analysis hospitality information systems 1

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The purpose of this capstone Case Study is to deeply examine Hospitality Systems and Technology being used today in the industry.

Step 1: Choose a hospitality focused organization (i.e. restaurant, hotel, gaming)

Step 2: Provide background on the property. Discuss the location, size, departments within the facility, number of establishments (globally or nationwide), and describe the type of customer to whom they cater.

Step 3: Describe the current technologies being used. Examples: Many restaurants integrate a POS system such as Micros, Aloha, Dinnerware, or AccuPOS. Lodging properties required a PMS such as MSI, Lotus, Opera, Holidex, GDS).

Step 4: Give details on the integrated system. Describe required networking, equipment needed, capabilities, and compatibility. Describe any supporting software being used such as distribution systems, security systems, CRM systems, Human Resource Information Systems, or other supporting software.

Step 5: Give full details on any two of the following departments with regard to system requirements needed to fulfill departmental duties and objectives:

*Reservation Department

*Front Office

*Night Audit

*Kitchen Management

*Accounting Department

*Human Resource Department

Step 6: Draw your conclusion including your observations, opinions, and all that you would or would not do if you were to manage this facility.

This paper should be 1500 – 2000 words, submitted in APA format (title page, introduction, headings, in-text citations, conclusion, and reference page), submitted before your final exam.

This assignment is due Thursday of Week 4.

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