yo16 xl ch08 grader ps2 as school 1 3 excel

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Work must be done in the file provided!!! Thanks!!



Project Description:FILLER TEXT

The athletic director at the local high school has been given a worksheet to track revenue and expenses on a trial basis for the next six months. He is not computer literate and is hesitant to use the workbook on a regular basis, so he has asked you to help modify the workbook so he knows exactly what to enter and the chances of deleting important formulas is minimized as much as possible. You will create validation rules, and macros to make data entry as simple as possible. Then you will protect the worksheet, as well as hide all the formulas, so the chance of deleting critical cells is minimized. Finally, you will mark the workbook as final so when you send it to the athletic director, he knows it is the version he should be using.

Steps to Perform:FILLER TEXT



InstructionsFILLER TEXT

Points    PossibleFILLER TEXT



Start   Excel. Open the downloaded Excel file named e04ch08_grader_a1_School.xlsx. Save the file as a Macro Enabled Workbook e04ch08_grader_a1_School_LastFirst, using your last and first   name. Enable content if necessary.




On the BudgetData worksheet, use Trace Precedents   to illustrate the circular reference error in cell E33. Correct the formula   in cell E33 by entering the correct cell range.FILLER TEXT   FILLER TEXT   




Add   data validation to cell G1 that allows values from a list with the source   data from cells B15:B19 on the ListData worksheet. The Input Message should   have a title Reported By and a message that says Choose a name   from the list.   (include the period).FILLER TEXT   The Error Alert should have a stop title Error and an Error message that says Please choose   a name from the list.  (include the period).FILLER TEXT   FILLER TEXT   




Add data validation to cell G2 that only allows   today’s date or earlier. Use the function =TODAY() as the end date. There will be   no input message, only a Stop Error Alert with the title Incorrect Date and the Error message should say Date must be   today or earlier. (include   the period).FILLER TEXT   FILLER TEXT   




Add   data validation to cell G3 with only an Input message that says Please enter   a time in the following format: HH:MM AM/PM (no period).FILLER TEXT   FILLER TEXT   




Add a formula to cell G4 that creates a Report ID   from the date and the ID number on the ListData worksheet of the person who   made the report. The IF function will include a TEXT function and a nested IF   function with a VLOOKUP function. FILLER TEXT   FILLER TEXT   The logical test will verify if cell G2 is greater than 0. FILLER TEXT   The value if true will include the TEXT and VLOOKUP functions: TEXT(G2,”YYYYMMDD”),””)&”   “&IF(G1>0,VLOOKUP(G1,ListData!B15:C19,2)FILLER TEXT   The value if false will return blank. 




Add   data validation to cell C34 to limit the length of the text to <=200 characters. Only include an   Error message that says Comments cannot exceed 200 characters. (include the period).FILLER TEXT   FILLER TEXT   




Insert a hyperlink in cell D3 on the BudgetData   worksheet that links to cell E1 on the ListData worksheet. Enter Go to   ListData as the   ScreenTip.FILLER TEXT   Insert a hyperlink in cell E1 on the ListData worksheet that links to cell D3   the BudgetData worksheet. Enter Go to BudgetData as the ScreenTip.




If   necessary, add the Developer tab to the ribbon. Select cell G1. Create an   absolute macro that will clear the contents of all cells that data is entered   into on the BudgetData worksheet by the user. This includes cells G1:G3,   B6:D32, F6:F32, and C34. Make sure the macro selects cell G1 after the   content is cleared. Name the macro ClearContents and assign the letter C (press and hold SHIFT key) as   the shortcut key.FILLER TEXT   FILLER TEXT   Display the ClearContents macro in the Microsoft Visual Basic for   Applications window. Copy the macro code for this macro and close the VBA   window. Paste the copied macro code in cell A1 of the Macros worksheet.FILLER TEXT   FILLER TEXT   Create a relative macro that will apply bold to the font in a row of the   report such as A1:G1. Name the macro BoldRow, and then assign the letter B (press and hold SHIFT key) as   the shortcut key. Click the Use Relative References button, select the range   A1:G1, and complete the macro.FILLER TEXT   FILLER TEXT   Display the BoldRow macro in the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications   window. Copy the macro code for this macro and close the VBA window. Paste   the copied macro code in cell G1 of the Macros worksheet.




On the BudgetData worksheet, unlock cells G1:G3,   B6:D32, D3, F6:F32 and C34. From the Format Cells dialog box, hide all cells   that have formulas: G4, E6:E32, G6:H32.FILLER TEXT   FILLER TEXT   




Hide   the row and column headers for the BudgetData worksheet. Hide the gridlines   for the BudgetData worksheet. Protect the BudgetData worksheet.




On the BudgetData worksheet, in cell G1, select Jamie from the drop-down list.FILLER TEXT   In cell G2, enter =TODAY()FILLER TEXT   In cell G3, enter 2:00 PMFILLER TEXT   FILLER TEXT   Beginning in cell B6, enter two records with the following EXPENSE DATE, ITEM   TYPE, EXPENSE ITEM, and ACTUAL COST (in the following order):FILLER TEXT   1/3/2018,   Revenue, Donations, 2700FILLER TEXT   1/4/2018,   Expense, Field supplies, 450FILLER TEXT   FILLER TEXT   Run the ClearContents macro.




Save   the workbook as a macro-free workbook. Click Yes. Close the workbook, exit   Excel, and then submit the file as directed by your instructor. 



Total   PointsFILLER TEXT


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