africa politics homework 1

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Can you explain the link we made in class on Monday between tribalism and the practice of clientelism and patronage in Africa (this may need you to define what we mean by clientelism and patronage)? In other words, why did tribalism as a political phenomenon trigger the practice of clientelism and patronage in Africa and how did this influence economic policy in the new nation-states of Africa after independence?

  • Can you explain why tribalism and ethnic warfare were less visible in colonial times than after independence? Also, can you explain what Roessler, in his book Ethnic Politics, calls “The Coup-Civil War Trap?” What does he mean by that? IMPORTANT: After explaining what it means in your own words, find ONE excerpt/quote in what you have read in Roessler’s Ethnic Politics on pages 147-204 or 207-265 that helps to explain what he means by the expression “The Coup-Civil War Trap?”

NOTE: Try to write in nice paragraphs and try to make sure the excerpt/quote is integrated seamlessly in your text in the most appropriate place that helps you support your explanations. This means you must use transitions such as:

As Roessler explains in his Ethnic Politics, “Quote here; quote here; quote here” (2016, page #).


  • 200 words minimum as usual. 600 words maximum.
  • The excerpt does not count towards your 200-word limit.
  • Your excerpt needs to be expan

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