how has the abortion coverage mandate impacted by the use of federal funds affect low income minority women in the united states 1

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How has the abortion coverage mandate impacted by the use of federal funds affect low-income minority women in the United States?

3 peer review article must be reviewed and cited properly.

Background information- statement of problem, cause, effects, and history of problem.

summary of information provide by the authors.

what are the conclusion or solution suggested by the author.?

what is the impact target population in the united states

conclusion- is the topic is an ongoing issue/concern or has it been solved?

Structure – 8-10 pages of Content, (title page and reference page: NOT included in the 10-11-page length). The paper is 8-10 pages of CONTENT. Double spaced, using a font size of 12-point Times New Roman and have 1” margins. In the past, I have seen where students will double space between paragraphs to push content down so that the paper can “APPEAR” as it has met the requirements for the length. Please do not do that, for that could result negatively on your grade. Therefore, double space is only allowed between sentences within a paragraph. Your paper must follow a commonly accepted format of APA 6th edition. The paper will be submitted in Safe Assign. NO DIRECT QUOTATIONS, ALL PARAPHRASING ONLY. No Late submissions permitted. MUST INCLUDE SUBHEADINGS IN PAPERS. I do not like guessing which section I am reading. Please make it clear for me. There is a deduction in points for papers with no subheadings.

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