week 4 essay assignment 1

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CLASS TITLE: United States History to 1877

https://streamable.com/61k61 – Video From Professor

https://justpaste.it/572cj – RULES FOR ASSIGNMENT

https://docdro.id/WmhPs1q – CLASS BOOK



Please select anything below


Folder: Primary Sources: Choice 1 – Colonization – quick reference (Quote 2 of these in your essay)

Bernardino De Sahagun

Christopher Columbus

Sebastian Brandt

Son of William Pond

United Colonies

Bartoleme de Las Casas


Folder: Primary Sources: Choice 2 – Revolution – Quick Reference Page (Quote 2 of these in your essay)

Albigence Waldo

King George III

Lord Dunmore

Thomas Jefferson

William Pitt


Using primary sources and citation format

As a requirement of the essays assignments, you are required to quote 2 primary sources readings.

What is a primary source?

A primary source is a source that comes directly from the time period/place of historical inquiry.

In terms of formatting style, history uses something called the Chicago Style (not MLA and not APA). Luckily for you – because you are not using any online or outside sources – you will not be required to know the Chicago Style of citation. That means:

NO footnotes

NO endnotes

NO works cited page

NO bibliography

Instead, we will be utilizing a simple in-text citation method. Put your quote in “…..”, then follow it up with (author name) The citation will go right inside your paper.

———— For more details please visit this link >>> https://justpaste.it/572cj – RULES FOR ASSIGNMENT

What is the minimum amount of pages your essay needs to be for full credit? 2.5 pages

What size font is required on the essay assignments? 12

How many total citations maximum can you have on the essay assignments? 4


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