marketing 410 power point

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Based on our lecture on Surgical vs Impulsive consumption choices, answer the question listed at the end, on Slide 13:


In your answer:

Describe the Brand Experience throughout the consumer journey: from searching and information, to the act of purchasing it. For example, when shopping for Apple products, the Apple Brand Experience starts often online, through their website and perhaps an explainer/unpacking YouTube video. The journey and experience can continue to the Apple Store, for hands-on user/brand interaction. The Brand Experience ends once the sale is completed, and the User if finally experiencing/using the branded product.

Think how Nike, Apple, Jeep, Gatorade, Starbucks, Sephora, and Ikea deliver impactful Brand Experiences.

  • How will YOUR brand deliver an impactful Brand/User experience?

Answer the question(s) by creating a quick, 5-minute presentation (3-5 slides).

The presentation MUST HAVE VISUAL interpretations of your proposed Brand/User experience.

My brand is called the Perfect speaker. It is basically the same thing as a Sonos speaker please visit sonos website for more information on the speaker.

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