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Reply to each part

Part 1

In the days of online courses and programs used in K12 classrooms, teachers find themselves using these programs as supplemental instruction or extra practice for students of all levels. I myself use programs like Khan Academy in my classroom for students who are struggling with a concept and to use at home for extra practice. In regards to connectivism, I think MOOCs are not the best place to build this type of knowledge.

In our online course at Strayer, connectivism knowledge is occurring because we are able to discuss answers as a community and we have a professor that facilitates the conversation and allows for those connections to occur and the understanding of the concepts to occur. We are able to post our own ideas and opinions on topics and responding to our classmates allows us to make connections between ideas and build that knowledge through connectivism.

MOOCs are a great addition to the classroom for teachers that have many students and don’t always have the time or support to service every student. While MOOCs are very useful to use as additional support to students, it does not create the connections between ideas or have a community to allow those type of interactions and connections. MOOCs are best used when basic knowledge must be learned and the objective of these programs should not be to gain a deeper understanding of the concept.

Ozturk, H. T. (2015). Examining Value Change in MOOCs in the Scope of Connectivism and Open Educational Resources Movement. International Review of Research in Open & Distance Learning, 16(5), 1–25. https://doi.org/10.19173/irrodl.v16i5.2027

Part 2

Research augmented intelligence applications in education and post an example of one from the last two years to the discussion board.

Adoption of Voice Assistants. In addition, educators are making increased use of voice assistants in the classroom environment. Voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri, and Microsoft Cortana are giving students a chance to interact with educational material without the interaction of the teacher.

How do you think the role of the teacher/instructor/ educator will change with this application?

The role of the teacher/instructor will change with this device it can be use to provide conversational interaction with teaching material and additional educational assistance.

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