research paper on jane austen

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*****PLEASE USE ACADEMIC SOURCES ONLY***** (no wiki, or anything like that)

Research paper on: Jane Austen

Paper should include a biography of the woman you selected, struggles/challenges your person may have encountered, and her contributions to society.

Consult at least 4 academic sources. Your sources should be listed on works cited page (works cite page does not count towards the 3-4 pages in length).

Please cite using Chicago style footnotes.

1.5 or Double space.

No cover page.

Please upload your paper to Canvas by the time your class begins and bring a print copy (stapled) on the due date to class as well.

Proper grammar

Avoid ‘I’ statements

They/we/our: They who? BE SPECIFIC

Avoid Contractions: can’t, don’t, isn’t, Cannot, do not, is not

Avoid “talks about”

Capitalize: Titles, Place Names, Proper Names

Always use author’s Last name (after first full name use), rather than first name

  • Abbreviations: US/U.S.: United States (U.S.) spell out first use
  • Punctuation inside quotation marks “Americans wanted independence.”[1]

[1]Eric Foner, Voices of Freedom(New York: W.W. Norton, 2014), 303.

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