rhetoric theory analysis paper

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For this project, you’ll analyze a short, contemporary text or texts of your choosing. For example, you could analyze a recent political speech, an advertisement, a documentary, a press conference, an op-ed, etc… In doing so, you’ll use rhetorical theories/concepts pertaining to either genre (eg. monomyth, apologia) or Burke (eg. scapegoating, the pentad). The text(s) you choose should be different from what you analyzed for Project #1. One of the challenges of this paper, as with the previous project, is pairing text(s) worth analyzing with a theoretical/conceptual angle that enables you to develop a rich and insightful analysis of it/them. This assignment also asks you to incorporate research in support of your arguments; you should cite at least 3 scholarly sources as you discuss/develop your argument (at least 2 of which you track down yourself). Many of the academic articles we’ve looked at in this course could serve as (longer) models of this sort of analysis.

– Include an introduction in which you give a brief overview of the paper – Clearly assert your thesis – Use a coherent organizational structure – Explain the theory/theories you are using to analyze the chosen text. – Include a full account of how the text works persuasively in terms of the theory/theories you have identified – Be specific: make sure you point to particular features of your chosen text – Point toward the implications of your analysis – End with a conclusion – Be carefully formatted and proofread – Incorporate research regarding your theoretical framework (at least 3 sources, at least one of which you find yourself) – Cite any sources (including course readings) using MLA or APA format

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