movement discussion

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After reading the lecture in this Module, doing the assigned book reading, and viewing Run Lola Run please post one initial post responding to BOTH Part I and Part II below.

Additionally please also respond to a MINIMUM of two other classmates’ posts. Your responses should include more than just “I like your post”. You need to explain why.

In one to two FULL paragraphs, analyze the movement in any scene of your choosing from Run Lola Run (1998).

Be sure to focus your analysis on the topics of this Module.

Take a look at the clip below and, in one to two paragraphs, comment on what is happening regarding movement. Be sure to include what the movement is, what type of shot it is, and analysis on what you think the intention of the filmmaker is in regards to how he wants the audience to feel when watching this shot. *Side note….after the line, “Just the good half.” we cut to a scene on the street. From there, this is all one shot (no cuts).

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