research online sources to find an authoritative see above description of a specific technology for access control of a specific type according to the following

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Homework 4 IT 223 This homework covers information from Lecture 5 Homework is worth 20 points. Lecture 5 In Lecture 5 we discussed access control. Part of that discussion was on techniques used to authenticate a claim of identity (e.g. passwords, tokens, biometrics). In this portion of the assignment you will research and report on a specific access technology. 1. Find a technology Research online sources to find an authoritative (see above) description of a specific technology for access control of a specific type according to the following: First letter of first name Technology type A – H Hardware Token I – Q Password Alternative R – Z Biometrics “Password alternative” refers to some technology that is an alternative to typing a textual password or passphrase. Your technology must not involve typing characters on a keyboard, keypad, or similar device. “Hardware token” refers to some physical device that is used in place of (or in addition to) typing a password. The RSA SecurID token (or any direct derivative of that device) shown in Lecture 7 is explicitly excluded for this assignment. “Biometrics” refers to a specific technology for measuring some physiological and/or behavioral characteristic used in place of (or in addition to) typing a password. You must find a specific technology that has been implemented, not just a generic description of a type or category of technology. For this answer a manufacturer’s Web site is considered authoritative (but a seller’s Web site is not!). Show the URL of the page that describes the technology you selected and the date and time when you accessed it, as in this fictitious example: My selected technology is described at h.pdf. I accessed this page on March 31, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. (2 points) 2. Summarize the technology In your own words summarize the operation of the technology you chose using 100-150 words. Focus on how it works, especially how it can distinguish a particular person from any other. Note: You must use your own words. Do not quote directly from the policy and do not change just a few words – re-phrase the lower-level requirement entirely. Failure to comply with this directive will result in a score of zero for this answer and may be considered a violation of the Honor Code. If you use less than 100 words you will receive zero for this answer. If you use more than 150 words your answer may receive only partial credit. (8 points) Lecture 10 Use terminal feature on your OS to find the following. Hint, if you don’t know what the command is, please visit:… dministration.pdf and READ the MANUAL to find out!! (This is best for MacOS) For windows users type “cmd” at the run window from the start button in the lower left hand part of your screen For Windows:… Your IPv4 address (should be RFC1918, but it is possible that it is not) Find the following: (2 points each). For each one, show the command you used, and what the results were. Network configuration information Version and type of your OS Your routing table Your gateway A list of active and inactive network connections on your machine.

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