research concept for dissertation 4 parts

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This is a four part question that I need help n with deadlines in for the next 4 week. They all add up to one assignment in the end and is the crux of my grade. I have attached specific guidelines to whole paper, but it needs to be done in parts. My area of expertise is Human Resources, More specifically in recruitment or employee/labor relations. Recruitment is easier, but I can get data ER/LR is a little more difficult. I would appreciate any thoughts you may have up front on possible questions. This paper will lead into my dissertation which is where I plan to spend the big bucks. You haven’t failed me yet, so I am entrusting you with this assignment and to help roll me into the dissertation. You have complete autonomy to set this up the way you want it.

Due 11/15/19 Problem Statement

Due 11/22/19 Research Questions

Due 11/29/19 Rough Draft Concept Paper

Due 12/6/19 Final Draft

Once again it needs to be all original work and needs to pass the SafeAssign with 5% or less. Strict APA Formatting. This is probably going to be a collaborative effort. since I may need some insight on what your setting up. I prefer a quantitative research assignment, and I will get the data if you need me to, but I find it is generally easier to crunch numbers and explain things that way. Total words for this project should be between 2000 and 4000 words.

I set the clock for 23 days but the deadlines are firm and stated above. Hopefully you are okay with that

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