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The first computer information systems in business and industry were accounting information systems. These systems are still the backbone of any business and in many cases have evolved into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.
The basic model of any information system is threefold: collecting data; organizing and processing data; communicating information.

Question 1: (25 points) Describe the basic information processing model as it is realized for an accounting system. What are the inputs, processes, and outputs? Use a company of your choice ( retail, manufacturing, or service) to illustrate your analysis.

Question 2: (25 points) Large organizations depend on ERP systems in order to operate in a global business environment. After research, compare and contrast two ERP products ( such as SAP and Oracle) to illustrate how these software platforms give management control over most functional operations.

EXPECTATION: answers should be a combination of information found on the Internet and your thoughtful analysis. Each question should be answered in one to two pages in a MS Word document. Send only one file with both answers.

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