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The following is what I want to proposal, please continue working on it and follow the format of the proposal example I have send to you.

What are you proposing?

Excess Sports should divide the marketing department into small groups and use WeChat in their daily operation

To whom are you proposing it?

Addy Lam: Chief Executive Officer

Chris Zhou: Human Resources Manager.

What need or problem does the proposal address?

Marketing department is inefficient in completing marketing projects. In small groups the employees can improve the personal relationship through the study group. Using WeChat to organize the marketing teams.

What are other companies/organizations/schools doing in relation to your topic?

Apple has the innovation groups to increase their working efficiency.

Reference: Meyer, P. (2019, February 14). Apple Inc.’s Organizational Structure & Its Characteristics (An Analysis). Retrieved October 30, 2019, from http://panmore.com/apple-inc-organizational-structure-features-pros-cons.

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