a monkey is controlling a robot

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For this assignment, you’ll watch a TED Talk that explores the use of robots to gain motor function, and think about how this applies to our topics this week.

Successful completion of this activity meets Module Outcome 4.

Watch the TED Talk by Miguel Nicolelis – A monkey that controls a robot with its thoughts. No, really. (Links to an external site.) [Video file: 14:55 mins]. Retrieved from: https://www.ted.com/talks/miguel_nicolelis_a_monkey_that_controls_a_robot_with_its_thoughts_no_really

Questions to answer

Now, thoughtfully answer the following questions, thinking about the current views regarding primary motor cortex function and the evidence upon which it’s based.

What were your thoughts about the TED Talk? What did you learn that surprised or interested you the most?

What sorts of brain-computer interfaces do you envision for the future? What types of ethical problems might arise due to this and how can they be solved? As part of your answer, explain the role of different sensorimotor structures and functions.

Please list all references used!

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