Business Plan – Discussion board question – book required

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Topic: Each of the following
components of the business plan should be used as headings and begin on a
separate page. For your chosen business: 

  1. Where will you locate your business? Why? Provide details to support your decision.
  2. Will you lease, buy, build?
  3. How will you organize your business organizational chart?
  4. What employment laws will be the most important for you to consider?
  5. How will employees be compensated?
  6. How will you manage quality – in either your service or product?
  7. Discuss the pros and cons of outsourcing in your industry.
  8. What are the key issues in supply chain management for your industry?
  9. What are some important biblical concepts to consider in this part of the business plan?

Information you need:

(My Business name is Cutesy an online T-shirt company with exclusive sayings and logos. I will also allow the customer to custom make a T-shirt.) I want to work from my home in the beginning then move to a small warehouse location within 5 years.)

Allen, K. L.
(2012). Launching new ventures (6th
ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning. ISBN: 9780538481793.

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