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Melvin, S. & Katz, M. (2015) The Legal Environment of Business: A Managerial Approach: Theory to Practice / Edition 2
The required words count for this is 1,500 words for the whole 4 questions; you must provide at least two (2) scholarly sources. You must provide a reference and in-text citations using proper APA Format for each source used. You must provide at least two (2) scholarly sources. You must provide a reference and in-text citations using proper APA Format for each source used. References go after each questions. All parts of questions must be answer. Also I have put the plan of how to sue for example for 1 will be mixed motive.
Please be sure that your responses are meeting the criteria of academic writing. Please be aware of your spelling, grammar, punctuation, references/citation, etc, should be scholarly, synthesized what you read, and created an analysis in your own words, with reference citations to the sources you consulted, should be carefully proof read for correct spelling, grammar, and sentence construction.
What is the best potential theory of discrimination for the plaintiff to pursue?
1.Mixed Motive- Lian, an American of Chinese decent, is employed as an architect in a large regional firm. His evaluations by his superiors have been mostly positive for two years with the consistent exception that he arrived late for client meetings on a frequent basis. On one evaluation, his superior wrote, “I thought Asians were supposed to be efficient. What happened here?” One month later, Lian is denied a promotion based on his record of “tardiness and other general considerations
2. Disparte Impact-Dothard applies for a position as a firefighter. She is excluded because she cannot lift the free-weight requirement mandated in the job description. Over the past five years, men have passed the test 50 percent of the time and women have passed 20 percent of the time
3.Disparte Treatment- Pettigrew is a woman insurance adjustor for a company that has a rule that no adjustors are allowed to enroll in law school because the employer perceives it as a conflict of interest. The company was aware of several adjustors who were in fact enrolled in law school, but did not act against them. Pettigrew enrolled in law school and when the company found out about it, she was terminated. The other adjustors were all male.
4.Sexual Harrashment- Bronte is employed as a bookkeeper at the nation’s largest toy store where she works with Barnes. Barnes has a reputation as the office comedian and, over the course of several months, has made various jokes related to Bronte’s figure and recommended that she come on casual day dressed in sexy lingerie. Bronte tried to laugh at the jokes, but was in fact very upset about the remarks. When she confronted Barnes about the behavior, he advised her to “lighten up” and told her that he was equally sarcastic toward male employees. Bronte quit one day later.

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