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Prepare and deliver a 3-5 minute informative speech. (500 words) This informative presentation topic is restricted to something applicable to your work life for a job that you are interested in obtaining following graduation. You should spend time researching something of interest with a dual purpose in mind: it should be interesting to you, as well as for the class.

You are required to incorporate/refer to one (1) visual aid (PowerPoint) into the presentation (one is the minimum, you may use more if needed). You should either bring a flash drive with your PowerPoint slide(s) or if you have access to the Troy University – One Drive, you can sign in on the class computer to retrieve your presentation. Note cards are allowed for this speech, but reading from your cards will result in a failing grade.

You will accompany your presentation with PowerPoint slides that will enhance the audience’s experience. The PowerPoint slides MUST contain at least one chart/graph/table.

Grading considerations: Appropriate narrowed topic, clear organization, a variety of supporting materials, use of details, attention-grabbing introduction and conclusion that leaves an impact. I expect you to be confident in your topic, make strong eye contact with the entire audience, speak fluently, and show interest and enthusiasm.

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