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Choose a form of legal organization that is most advantageous for the proposed company (BEST CHOICE RESTAURANT) in your business plan and document the reasons why you think this is the best choice. Also, list the disadvantages of this legal form of organization and address how you will effectively deal with these issues.

Make sure to go back and include these strengths and weaknesses issues in your SWOT (Attached below).

Complete assignment in a Microsoft Word document. Submissions should be 1-2 pages in length. Cite all necessary sources and include all references. Your document should be completed using APA format and standards.


  • SWOT Analysis
    • Strengths

Our strengths are tied down on our capacity to serve our clients through the choices of having them either visit our restaurant to have their breakfast, lunch or supper or by conveying their orders directly to their homes, workplaces, or any area of their decision. We also have outdoor catering administrations, and furthermore, culinary training includes further bolstering our advantage the restaurant business.

  • Weaknesses

The way that we may potentially start as a massive company with a blast and begin rivaling significant restaurant mark in the United States of America may certainly tally to our detriment, yet we are culminating plans without anyone else part to use on our average assets (fund and workforce) to maximize benefits.

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