BUS 340 Westcliff University Chapter 7 Internet and Business Paper

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Continuing with the scenario presented in PA1, your team is being asked to propose a system that will streamline the order process, address the inventory issues, help in forecasting demand, and most importantly, provide a secure system for the sales staff, vendors, customers, engineers, customer service, and all other employees who will have access to the IT system.

After a security breach last year in which a customer service employee clicked on an email link allowing a phishing attack to upload malicious code to and comprise the network, PMI consulted a security company to inspect the network. Multipipe unpatched systems were found, and after speaking with several employees, it was also determined that PMI has lax pass complexity requirements.

Provide a recommendation to update the security controls and practices at PMI to ensure customer data is secure from hacking attempts. This should include both software and hardware solutions to harden the PMI network.

All work should be in 7th Edition, APA-format, which includes a separate cover and reference page along with no less than four (4) pages of researched findings. The total proposal must be at a minimum of six (6) pages. You must provide a minimum of three (3) industry-related, academic, or peer-reviewed references.

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