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Step 1: Using the Budget Worksheet (attached) estimate your expenses for the month. You will identify your income sources. Income will be based off your take-home pay from your job. ($16/hr)

Step 2: Based on your income for the month, determine if your expenses exceed your estimated income. If you spend more than you make, you may need to cut back your monthly expenses or increase your income.

Step 3: Think about the little things you can cut back on to save dollars here and there. Can you lower the heat or AC by a few degrees to save electricity? How about trying instant coffee with flavored creamer to kick a daily coffee expenditure? Can you use the campus gym instead of paying for a gym membership? Can you reduce your cable TV costs? With a little creative thinking, you can save a bundle over the course of the school year.

Step 4: Submit a minimum 250-word response identify at least three ways in which you can reduce your monthly expenses. Explain how you decided to make the adjustments in these three areas. Were these areas wants or needs? Did you consider locating another source of income? Include comments on two things you learned from this assignment about your spending habits. **Although you will use the Budget Worksheet to calculate your income and expenditures you do not need to submit the excel document as part of this assignment.**

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