briefly describe the basic tenets of the three abrahamic religions we discuss in this unit judaism christianity and islam

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Briefly describe the basic tenets of the three Abrahamic religions we discuss in this unit (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam). What do they have in common (describe their similarities and any major beliefs they share)? What causes disagreement amongst them (belief, ritual, politics, culture, etc., describe any major issues that you can discern)? Are their disagreements justified/valid (why/why not)? Where have you seen similar disagreements in your life/world (describe a similar conflict of interests amongst seemingly related groups in today’s world–it does not have to be religious)? How are differences addressed in the situation you’ve described? Are they being addressed effectively (explain why/why not)?

Written Reactions should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • must be a minimum of 250 words (feel free to write more if you’d like to)
  • must address ONE of the prompts for the unit
  • must fully and thoughtfully and critically respond to what we’ve studied
    • those responses that rely too heavily on summary will lose points (I’ve read the text; now I want to know what you think about it)
  • must not plagiarize (if you’re borrowing ideas/info from our textbook, be sure to credit the textbook)
  • must indicate which prompt you’ve chosen
  • must be proofread (submissions may lose points if there are excessive/distracting grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors)

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