Black power, cultural nationalism and white backlash, history homework help

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The intervention of the federal government effectively ended the “legal underpinnings of segregation and discrimination and set in motion events that would irrevocably transform the political and social status of African Americans”*(Hine, Hine, and Harrold, The African American Odyssey, Vol. II, Page 598). Despite massive resistance by many of the Southern states, including the use of state sponsored violence, the federal government intervened at crucial moments provoked in part by non-violent confrontational strategies pursued by civil rights leaders and covered widely by the national media. At the same time, new leaders were arising in the movement with much less patience and different strategies than the traditional movement. They were in fact much more confrontational.

1. Discuss the “black power” movement including its ideologies, objectives and tactics as well as its leaders. How did they differ from the previous leadership of the civil rights movement?

Here is a well done video on the Black Panthers.

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