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I need three pages base on the below assignment:

Deliverables shall be a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for Part (A) and a Microsoft Word for Part (B).

Complete exercise 3 from Larson & Gray, Chapter 13 pp.487-488. Your deliverable should consist of two documents: (A) An Excel spreadsheet with all earned value data included at the end of period 4 and period 8 modeled after the tables on page 488, and (B) A 2-3 page paper (based on Part A, the data and your status report from the Larson & Gray exercise) in the form of a status report to a fictitious customer of your choice explaining the state of the project at the end of period 8 for the project data described in exercise 3. (Note: please embrace the role and enhance the project situation you create to explain the data)

Instructor’s Note: You may be as creative as you like describing the tasks (A – F), but you should use only the data as presented in the textbook exercise. Based on your fictitious scenario, include a narrative of events for the project, task status (planned vs actual), cost and schedule variances, outlook and plans for “staying the course” or strategies for taking action to correct variances.

You may use your own templates.

General Instructions: Every student is expected to conduct research in the completion of these assignments. With every assignment, students are also expected to critically interpret the text(s), challenge assumptions, and use data from several sources (beyond the text) to make their case and support their arguments.

Text Book

Larson and Gray Project Management: The Managerial Process 7th Ed.

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