Assignment Plan: Service Firm Selection Introduction Many of us learn best when we apply theories and ideas to real life. As you work through the course, some of the activities and the five graded assignments will require you to put marketing concepts int

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What Is a Services Audit Plan?
We use a Services Audit Plan to look at a service firm from many different
perspectives and to analyze both the service product offered and the service firm
itself. Centered on the 7 Ps, the Services Audit Plan is a comprehensive and
independent review of the company’s marketing environment. Its purpose is to
identify problem areas and opportunities, enabling you, the marketing student, to
develop recommendations for the firm on how to improve their marketing
approaches in both the short‐ and long‐term.
Over Assignments 1 to 4, you will be asked to look at your chosen firm in some
detail. With this in mind, it is important to pick a service firm that you can collect
information about from online and library sources. For example, to create a Service
Blueprint, a thorough understanding of how the firm works is necessary. It is
strongly recommended that you pick a publicly held company versus a privately
held company in order to have access to many types of information. And finally,
having an interest in the service offered by the firm is much more motivating, so
investigate a service that appeals to you. However, you cannot select your place of
employment or a previous place of employment as this would create ethical issues.
You cannot contact the company or customers so please make sure to select a
company that you can find information about. Also, do not choose a firm that (in
your opinion) is near “perfect” in their service offerings. It is hard to audit a firm
that has no room for improvement.

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