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Using just the background section of the prospectus outline in the Stadtlander text (pp. 40–41), create an outline of a possible literature review based on the topics you identified in Week 8 related to the 10 articles you previously critiqued in your Annotated Bibliography (in Weeks 6, 7, and 8).


  • Galvan, J. L. (2015). Writing literature reviews: A guide for students of the social and behavioral sciences (6th ed). Glendale, CA: Pyrczak.
    • Chapter 8, “Synthesizing Literature Prior to Writing a Review” (pp. 73–80)
  • Stadtlander, L. M. (2015). Finding your way to a Ph.D.: Advice from the dissertation mentor. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.
    • Chapter 5, “Prospectus” (pp. 40–41)
  • Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. (2004). Making an outline. Retrieved from
  • University of Washington Psychology Writing Center. (1997). How to make an outline. Retrieved from

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