Assignment 2: Final

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This week, you will finalize the planning process for your “green” event. Incorporate your instructor’s feedback from Week 3 into this final submission. In addition, complete the following activities:


You’ve reserved the function room, booked a caterer, selected your menu, and decided between open and reserved seating. There is still one more important decision you need to make about your event meal: how do you want it served? There are many different types of meal services, and each one can bring a different feel to your party or special event.


Complete the following activities to finalize your “green” event:


Document program types and describe why they are relevant to your event.

Document and justify how the catering for the event will be covered, in-house or outsourced.

Identify the types of meal functions planned for the event.

Identify the types of service styles that will be used for the meal functions and any recyclable materials used for the service.

Identify locally grown foods that will be used for the meals.

Identify and justify the selling method of alcohol.

Identify the technology used for your event based on the information provided in your course textbook.

Discuss ethical issues related to event planning and how you will avoid unethical behavior.

By Tuesday, June 2, 2015 submit a 5-6 page paper written in APA format. Search the South University online library for peer reviewed articles to justify your answers. Include a minimum of three peer reviewed articles for your paper.

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