assignment 1

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In your individual Assignment for this week, you will take a learning journey to understand the role of market research by learning from Market Research Subject Matter Experts (SME) and incorporating the results of this interview into the learning goals you have set for yourself on this topic. By talking with those who do market research work as their primary occupation or as part of their daily business responsibilities, you will learn about the methods they use, how they measure success and other important information that you can apply in the marketplace simulation.

Sharing what you have learned from the interview with the expert contributes to team learning, which is one of the five disciplines that contribute to a learning organization (Senge, 1990). For the Discussion post, contribute to the team learning by presenting the highlights of your paper and discussing with your peers the results of this journey. Please post the results of your individual Assignment in final draft form to the Discussion Board by Saturday night (attached in a Word doc) to give others the chance to read your entire work if they would like more information in addition to your highlights.

Here are some ideas that you can include in your post that others can learn from and incorporate into future learning journeys.

1.     How did you find your Subject Matter Expert (SME)? Discuss any difficulties and how you overcame them.

2.     As you asked your SME questions about the areas that you wanted to learn more about, what were the important points or areas of greatest learning for you? Were there any surprises?

3.     Did the interview results provide any new ideas for you to explore?

4.     What links were you able to see between the information you gathered and the marketing research information provided for you in the simulation?

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