As part of the preparation for your research paper project, you are required to turn in an annotated.

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As part of the preparation for your research paper project, you are required to turn in an annotated bibliography. This is list of 3 sources that you are planning to use in the writing of your paper (you can change your mind later, but I want to see that you are at least working on something). This will also give me a chance to check that you are using the correct citation format for your entries. A “bibliography” is a list of resources that are related to your topic; “annotated” means that you are providing notes that summarize or describe each potential source.


Sophocles, Oedipus Rex

1). You should use the correct MLA format for each entry; be sure that you list them in alphabetical order by the author’s last name.

2). After each entry, include a brief paragraph of 3-5 sentences describing the source and explaining its relevance to your topic.


Aristotle. The Poetics. Anthony Kenny, trans. Oxford World Classic. Oxford University Press, 2013. Google Books, www.google_books/aristotle_kennedy/owc_oup/2013thimq_9jems/rpwo.

This is the classic text that presents Aristotle’s theory of poetry and drama, especially his “rules” for the different dramatic forms, including tragedy. He insists that tragedy must create feelings of “pity and terror” by demonstrating the fall of the hero as a result of his own flaw, which is generally identified as hubris. This is relevant to my analysis of the character of Oedipus as it identifies the traits expected of a typical tragic hero. It will help me to show how Oedipus fits the definition of a tragic hero, as established by Aristotle.


No Wikipedia allowed for outside sources

No make believe outside sources

Avoid Plagiarism

Avoid Grammar and Spelling errors

Find good outside sources for the topic oedipus rex

solution must be in MLA Format

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