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Hi, this how work is built on many steps: the first step, I already finish it.I am attached it to you so you get the idea. I did work on Research Topic Paper(review it please) after thatdo the following:

Research Article Analysis Paper

Find three academic articles related to your topic. You will then write an annotated bibliography for these three articles. (I will attach an example)

For each article, you must fully answer the following questions:

a) what was the purpose of the study (look for information on its significance, its research question and/or hypothesis),

b) what was the data collection method(s) used in the study,

  • Data collection methods include: ethnography, experiment, content analysis, questionnaire, interview, focus group (look for these keywords)

c) what was the data analysis method(s) used in the study, and

  • Data analysis methods include: statistics, ground coding, thematic, rhetorical (look for these keywords)

d) what was the main result of the study (look for results, findings, conclusions).

Then, looking at all these articles, answer this question:

e) what appears to be the gap in the research? That is, looking at the research reported in these articles, what do we still not know about this topic? What question or questions have not been answered?

For each article, provide a complete APA reference list citation; if you have links for the articles, then you can provide those along with the reference list. This paper should be 300-400 words long.


I attached the 3 articles that you need to you. Please before you do read them read the Research Topic Paper that I have attached to see my research question

you can answer the questions as dots or A,B,C,D..etc

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