Art paper Assignment

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Question 1

Now tell me and your classmates about you NEW favorite work of art.

Find an image of it and post it here.
List the title, artist’s name, and the year the artwork was made.
Tell us why you are interested in this piece and how your new knowledge added to this.

Question 2

Spend some time with the attached images of the recent Obama Presidential Portraits.
Before reading the attached readings, answer the following questions:

1) Describe each portrait in turn using the same method as in Response Paper 1.
(Only include the essay version in this paper. Though the list of observations may assist you in your writing process!)

2) Now tell me what each piece makes you feel? Why do you feel the artist’s painted our past President and First Lady the ways they did?

Now open and read the New York Times article by Holland Cotter, “Obama Portraits Blend Paint and Politics, Fact and Fiction.”

You may need/want to do more research about the paintings and the artists that made them to complete this paper. More information is not a problem!

Answer the following questions:

3) Why were these artists chosen to paint the portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama?

4) What meanings did Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald insert into the paintings?

5) These presidential portraits are different then past presidential portraits. Why is this important at this time in culture?

Make sure to use the vocabulary from your chapter readings!
You will be graded on the depth of thought and engagement that you have with the ideas.
You may choose the single essay format or answering the questions individually (often preferred!).
This paper should be around 500 words to be successful.

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