Art in the Paleolithic and Neolithic Periods

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Question: Distinguish
between the Paleolithic and Neolithic Periods in terms of time and
cultural developments. Compare and contrast specific examples of
artifacts, practices, and systems of belief. Discuss why art survives or
does not. Include the four reasons Getlein cites for how art survives,
giving an example of art work from both the Paleolithic and Neolithic
Periods that meet one of these requirements. What types of art work or
materials would not likely survive? How might this affect our opinion of
a culture?

Getlein’s 4 reasons as mention in the question: 1. the artist worked with durable materials (stone, metal) 2. the local environment is not destructive towards artwork (Egypt’s hot, dry desert provides excellent milieu for preservation) 3. highly organized, populated cities and cultures 4. the culture had a tradition of caching its artworks in the places of limited or no accessibility. (A huge portion of the ancient art that has
survived comes from the tombs or underground caves.)

Other requirements: 1 page in length, APA format. FYI this is a discussion entry not a paper so opening/closing isn’t necessary. Please include art work that can be found in the book.

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