Apply conflict management skills to resolve issues and/or build team alliances.

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Team-Building and Communications Proposal
You have just been hired as a consultant to the chief executive officer (CEO) of a health
care organization. Your duty is to improve the management tools and practices needed
to work in teams, build cross-functional teams, and facilitate collaborative decisionmaking.
You need to identify elements found in an effective health care work group and identify
barriers to communication that may cause conflict within a group. Suggest some types
of communication techniques that can be used to avoid conflicts within a team.
You need to address ways to improve communication among departments in an
organization to avoid conflict. Finally, identify strategies that may be used to avoid
recurring conflicts and ways a leader can prevent conflict within the team in the
Based upon what you have learned in this class, prepare a 1,250–1,500-word paper in
which you propose a quality improvement plan to present to the CEO addressing these
Cite at least four references to validate your proposal. Prepare this Assignment
according to the APA guidelines.

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