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Prepare a short (4-6 pages) research paper that identifies several key issues related to the scenario you chose for your Lot in Life. Incorporate at least 8-10 scholarly, credible, and current references to support your ideas, drawing primarily from government and community agencies as well as scholarly journals and books. Include in-text citations and a reference list in APA format.

Your paper should be double-spaced and use a standard font (e.g. Times New Roman, 12 pt). Be sure to include a reference list at the end of your Part 2 assignment.


Child schooling and Coaching

Recently, I realized that children grow very fast. You will get pregnant, and just before you even prepare for the baby, he/she already arrives. You bring up the baby and start weaning after six months. Events follow each other back to back, and within no time you realize that your baby is joining school. It is a letter to my mother elaborating on my worries and anxiety about my little girl who is yet to join school.

Dear Mum,

Recently, I have been thinking so much of how you brought up my brother and me up. I just realize that you did an excellent job now that I am experiencing parenthood as an early age mother. I have been thinking of my daughter enrolling in school, and it is an issue that made me feel excited while, at the same time, made me anxious. The most significant point of concern is now detaching away from her after being with her for the last two years. I feel that I will miss her so much when she is at school and also wondering if she will be okay.

I have been sampling different playgroups schools that are located nearest to our homestead and found one. I was very excited to see it since it is situated just near home, which means I can quickly rush there and look after her whenever I feel that I miss her before the end of the day. Another issue of concern is the drastic change in the environment that she will experience. She has not been used to being around many people, and now that I will introduce to her, she might feel stressed. I talked to a pediatrician about all my fears, and she gave me an excellent strategy to go about it.

She instructed me that the best way to go about it is to start introducing our baby to leaning at home. So I bought coloring books and clarions for her to use when she is playing. I even bought


her a school back and always brought around her friend, who is already in school. From a recent evaluation, I have realized she has grown interested in the school to the point that she says she wants to go to school. It is a significant advantage that I have had since she has also reduced my worries. Thanks, mummy, for always taking care of us when we were young and teaching us parenting at a very little age. Your skills have gone a long way in helping me to handle my issues. I am now confident that our baby will join school without any stress.

Thank you.


Holden, G. W. (2014). Parenting: A dynamic perspective. Sage Publications.

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