Application: Paper on Sexual Differentiation

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Hormones play a crucial role in shaping the fetal body into either a
male- or female-typical body. The brain determines the type and amount
of hormones the fetus produces. Furthermore, hormones do not act alone,
but rather in concert with brain regions that regulate sexual
behavior. The brain, therefore, not only regulates sexual behavior, but
it is also shaped by the same hormones that prepare the body for
reproduction. These facts raise intriguing questions about gender,
sexual behavior and orientation, and the extent to which these are, or
are not, under conscious human control.

For this Assignment, you research and evaluate the current literature
on prenatal influences on sexual behavior, gender orientation, or
gender typical behavior.

The Assignment:

Select an article related to the process of sexual differentiation,
prenatal influences on sexual orientation, gender orientation, or
gender typical behavior and write a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses
the following:

  • Write a brief summary of the article you selected. Describe two
    implications of the article’s findings. Explain whether the findings
    concur or conflict with the body of literature in this area.
  • List one question that remains unanswered and is in need of further research.

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