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1. Define Business Case and explain the difference between a Business Case and a Business Plan.

2. What is the relationship between systems analysts and stakeholders? This relationship has a significant impact on a business case that is developed around and idea or proposal.

3.Identify 7 common reasons why projects fail and explain how a business case can mitigate the risks associated with them.

4.What is a business driver, and how does it relate to project planning? What are technology drivers and what is their impact on projects?

5.Zachman Framework has had a significant impact on project development. Discuss Enterprise Architecture as it relates to a project and how it impacts the role of the Analyst. (There will be a discussion board topic related to this to help with this question)

6. In this thread identify Stake Holders and their responsibilities to planning and projects. identify one stake holder and relate them to their responsibilities to a project.

7. How does Zachman Framework fit into the analyst’s tool kit? Where did it come from? Where in the organization is it likely to be found?


(1) Project Management: What is the difference between a Project Manager and a Systems Analyst.

(2) Process Management: How does Process Management relates to Systems Analysis.

9. Where and why in SDLC should a Business Case be introduced?

10. What are the basic documents that constitute the design phase of a project? Where do we find these documents? Who owns them and who creates them?

11. How are human engineering factors taken into consideration in a business case? Should they be there at all?

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