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You are the principal of a high school in Baltimore County. What legal actions will you take for

the following situations? Mention specific rules and steps for each case.

1. Mr. Ford, a chemistry teacher of your school always hugs the students specially the girls.

Many students do not like his hug. One of the girls talks to her mom about his impulsive

behavior. The parent meets Mr. Ford, but he does not take this complaint easily and even

does not keeping him away from hugging. The parent has come to you and has talked

against Mr. Ford.

2. John, a sophomore of your school. Now-a-days he is very restless and behaves roughly with

his parents. He sleeps late. His mother discovers from his cell phone’s notification that he is

getting vulgar comments in his Facebook account. The mother talks with John and learns

that some of his classmates are irritating him regularly in Facebook and in class. He

complains against Shawn, Fred, and Michael. His mom prints his Facebook pages. This

parent has come to you and has submitted a black and white complaint with printed


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