Answer discussion post questions with a paragraph or two

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1.E-mail is here to stay…do you agree or disagree? Explain. Is email …always? …sometimes? …never? …a better medium than traditional communication (regular mail or face-to-face or telephone)? Cite examples.

2.Now, is the time, if you are not familiar with what business blogs are, to go out and find one to review. Since the wiki cited in the preparation section of this module has done some of the research for you, you could start by visiting one of the FORTUNE 500 companies to see what they are doing.Already a frequent visitor/poster to a corporate blog? Share your favorite blogs (for this discussion, unless they are very good examples of effective blogs, keep the discussion limited to business, rather than personal blogs).Have some examples of really bad ones? Share them too!

3.Ethical phrases? You are advised to put a buffer in a bad-news (negative) message and an attention grabber in a persuasive message. I have seen some harsh criticism in classes that both of these are unethically manipulative! What do you think? Are attention grabbers and buffers unethical and/or manipulative when used? Why? Do you have any good examples you’d like to share?

4.Let’s assume that for this discussion we are working as consultants to Saint Leo’s Cannon Memorial Library. We have been asked to take the online library tour AND to view at least one of the “help” videos – – Please identify the video(s) you review under “get help” /”help videos”. Click here for the library tour:
After we have taken the tour and viewed at least one of the instructional/help videos, the library would like us to provide them with some feedback.
Using the concepts covered in chapter 7 (Crafting Messages for Electronic Media) and chapter 14 (Designing and Delivering Oral and Online Presentations) and chapter 13 (Completing Reports and Proposals), let’s discuss the use of videos for informational purposes. Remember to think about audience analysis. What feedback should we share with the Library?

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