Annotated Bibliography UMUC assignment help (5-6 annotations)

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 This assignment will help prepare you to write your research paper, which is  due later in the course. The topic you select should be one that is of interest to you, discussed in the course, and one that you would like to research and write about.

For the annotated bibliography assignment you will decide on a topic, formulate a research question and select a case  from the resources available in the UMUC library databases. Once you have selected your case, you will also conduct a literature review identifying 5-6 additional scholarly sources that relate to your topic, one of which is the case study selected by you.

 (For example, if you have an interest in Diversity, you would formulate a research question related to diversity, locate a case study in the library related to diversity,( typically a company case that has a diversity initiative, problem, etc.)  and then search for scholarly articles related to your topic and research question). The UMUC librarians can also assist you with this assignment.

Once you have identified your topic, case study, scholarly sources and formatted your question, you will write your annotations. You must have at least 5-6 annotations (4-5 articles and 1 case study).

Each annotation includes four parts: 

1. summary of the article or summary of the case study selected from the UMUC library databases

2. the credentials of the author(s)

3. credibility of the source (peer-reviewed, non-peer-reviewed)

4. how you will use the information in your paper.

Each part must be discussed in each annotation, therefore each annotation is at least several paragraphs. 

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