Analytical Paper 7-10 pages

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The Analytical Paper is due by Sunday at midnight (CST), during Unit 7 and should be an analysis of the reader from three theoretical perspectives from Pfohl (i.e. classical, societal reaction, functionalist, etc.) You will need to include the theoretical perspectives of the book “Hell’s Angel”. The references can be only from the two books used for the course (Pfohl and reader). Your paper should include major components of the theoretical paradigms and limitations of each of the perspectives in your analysis.

The paper needs to be written in APA format. The typed paper needs to be 7-10 pages in length. A minimum of 9 citations are required, three for each theoretical perspective. The citations do not necessarily have to come from outside sources, but the use of the resources at your disposal should be included in your analysis. Components of the paper should include: introduction, thesis statement, perspectives with your parenthetical citations, and conclusion. References should come from Pfohl, the reader, and outside resources with the same limitations on Wikipedia and similar sites. Correct spelling, proper formatting, and appropriate grammar are required. Students should write the paper in an academic voice. Do not use a conversational tone when writing the paper. Points will be deducted per offense. Late papers will receive up to 25 points in deduction.

Submit papers the file name in the following format: First initial, last name, term, and year (for example, RGeeSU09). Grades will be posted within 5 days of submitting the paper.

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