Allegany College of Maryland Data Quality Assessment Discussion

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Your team is doing research on web traffic on Marymount’s network (dorms and academic/admin buildings). You will be using web traffic data, firewall data, and data from two external data sources of your choosing. (You can use your best guess for size of datasets from the university). Please write out a Data Quality Assessment that will include the following information below for your data sets. Student privacy must be included

Data Quality Assessment

Description of Data

Type of Research

Types of Data

Format and Scale of Data

Data Collection / Generation

Methodologies for data collection/generation

Data Quality and Standards

Data Management, Documentation, and Curation

Managing/storing and curating data

Metadata standards and data documentation

Data preservation strategy and standards

Data Security and confidentiality

Format information / data security standards

Main risks to data security

Data Sharing and Access

Suitability for sharing

Discovery by potential users of the research data

Governance of Access

The study teams exclusive use of the data

Regulations of responsibilities of users

Relevant institutional, departmental or study policies on data sharing and data security

Include policy name and URL/Reference to it. Also any laws that may apply.

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